This page is devoted to all you musicians and gearheads out there. We'll cover Brian's guitars which is around 120, yes "120" count'em. We will also delve into M22's choices for amps and other gear.

In addition we'll try and get to some tone tricks and other stuff.



This months Brian's Guitars
What the hell is it?, Its an ESP les Paul, crazy.
Your mom will like this, the Jackson "Don't Smoke"
A Pink Jackson Randy Rhoads. This guitar is not for Homofobes.
Amps and Stuff

Crix has dumped the Swichblade for a Marshall JVM410, wait a minute back to the Switchblade. Each amp is great and has awesome tones and flex ability. I would say the Switchblade is a little easier to use but the Marshall sounds a little better, still deciding.

Brian is a Line 6 fan, after initially using the AX2 he is now using the new Vetta. Like the Zentera, the versatility and compact size make this an excellent choice. The Vetta has the capability of getting some really heavy sounds. Brian usually uses the extra 2x12 cabinet for beefier tone. Brian also has a digital Vox amp which is pretty cool.

Both of these amps have everything built in and controlled by a single pedal board. This makes things a lot cleaner, not having to use outboard gear and lots of pedals and stuff.

Amp tone tip:

Always use the cleanest possible tone you can tolerate, it may feel shitty but you will cut through and sound better. This especially true when recording. Also remember the guitar's natural tone is in the midrange so a little boost in the mids will also help you cut through....Try it out.


Cool pedal: I recently purchased an MXR phase 90, this pedal was big in the late 70's and was then somewhat forgotten about. Well for the price it definitley can add some cool fx to your sound, I give it 2 thumbs up


Hughes and Kettner Switchblade

Line 6 Vetta


Guitars Guitars Guitars & Amps

For all you musicians out there who love gear. Check back regularly.





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