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A young buck on the mic with a big grin. You can find him beating off the cougars with a stick when performing, but who's to blame? With devilish looks and a voice of angel it's no surprise Blain is always on the run. Catch him at the bar and he's the perfect wingman when your hitting on his #1 fan (AKA Mom).


M22 was formed in 1999, after a couple years of personnel changes the band was complete.

The band has been primarily playing clubs in the northern LA and Ventura county areas.

The bands focus has been cover tunes, mostly high energy rock nad dance, some of which, most bands won't touch.

Lately the band has added a few more dance tunes, and some original stuff in the works.

Crix Molzen

Guitarists run and cry after witnessing Crix's blistering guitar work. Crix has had an axe in his hand since being a kid back in Philly.


Mike Beaston


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Brian Schultz

Brian is the pillar of the band. His thick guitar tones blast the audience in a relentless sonic attack.

Captain Paul Morgan 


Ain’t no soul like rock and roll soul and our bass player has got it in spades! M22 is stoked to have Captain Paul Morgan in our lineup. WHOO-YA!!! .




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